Nina brought a different but well thought out coherent perspective to the residential housing developments we have worked on; her input seriously enhanced the projects. She possesses a self-belief and conviction that is refreshing and heartening. Her dependability is reassuring

Liam Ryan, LR Architectural Services (Laois)

Specialist Holistic Input: Residential Developments (In Person & Virtual)

Feng shui and biophilia are key trends set to dominate interiors. More and more clients want architects and designers to put their health and wellbeing top priority so they can have peace of mind knowing their new home has positivity, good energy, balance and harmony and the flow is right. These factors are now considered part of design best practices and client’s expectations to ensure your designs accommodate all their needs – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Clients want to live happier, richer and more fulfilled lives. They are now more attuned to the energies in their immediate surroundings and more aware of how this affects their everyday lives. They want design to reflect their personalities and lifestyles, but their needs have evolved. In addition, they want to integrate beautiful views into their living spaces and workspaces for greater wellbeing, to use natural materials and finishes to prevent damaging their health and that of the planet, to introduce more sunlight and fresh air to create a healthier and more energised environment, and they want peace of mind knowing their spaces are positive, balanced and uplifting.

The ultimate design for a home supports our personal energies and those of our family members, enhances our health and wellbeing, brings us harmony, peace and joy so we can feel safe, relax and rejuvenate, and escape from stress and anxiety.

An authentic feng shui assessment of your designs for your clients can positively influence your relationship with them by demonstrating that you care deeply about them, their family and their future because your designs are mindful.

Enhanced flow and layout are achieved via a unique assessment of their personal energies derived from their birthdates to ensure their energies are matched, balanced, harmonised and aligned with the energies of their spaces.

This is next generation design, a more evolved process with positive outcomes for your clients, your designs and your design practice. It shows thought leadership, design innovation and benefits communities and society too.

The design scheme was a perfect match for our requirements in the marketplace, a high standard of design to compete within an international market. The turnaround was short, Nina worked well under pressure and within budget. We were very satisfied and happy with the results and achieved our goal

Chesterfield Property/Kazar Developments Ltd (Meath)

Summary of Residential Developments Process

  • Influences that are in the plans are identified to minimise negativity and increase positivity
  • Energise by creating uplifting spaces to energise a property’s appeal and increase its desirability
  • Boost opportunities and wealth so householders have a greater chance to be successful and live better
  • Harmonise energies using authentic feng shui and holistic design principles
  • Positivity is enhanced in the overall environment to benefit family harmony, support and relationships
  • Balance creates a welcoming home that invites homeowners to want to live there
  • Enhance garden spaces and landscaping to ensure the design of a development is holistic and complete

Customised Session

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