Nina worked with me on the design of a training centre for [which won an architecture award]. She has the ability to provide insightful support to design projects at key stages of development. Her keen sense of quality, aesthetics and design theory is a valuable contribution to a design team at the appropriate time

Michael Cassidy, Architect MRIAI (Dublin)

Specialist Holistic Input: Commercial Design (In Person & Virtual)

Feng shui and biophilia are key trends set to dominate interiors. More and more consumers are not only design savvy but expect design to have theirs and their family’s health and wellbeing at the core so they can have peace of mind knowing indoor and outdoor environments have positivity, good energy, balance and harmony and the flow is right. These factors are now considered part of design best practices and in line with consumer expectations i.e., accommodate all of people’s needs – physical, emotional and spiritual.

People want to live happier, richer and more fulfilled lives. They are now more attuned to the energies in their immediate surroundings and more aware of how this affects their everyday lives. They want the design of commercial spaces to be more positive and calm yet uplifting. In addition, they want to see the integration of nature and natural elements, public spaces and workplaces designed to enhance our wellbeing, the reduction of plastics and other synthetic materials and finishes to prevent damage to our health and that of the planet, the introduction of more sunlight and fresh air to create a healthier and more energised environment, and they want peace of mind knowing these spaces are positive, balanced and uplifting to be in.

The ultimate design for a commercial project supports the energies of every person who visit a space or spend time in it, from enhancing their health and wellbeing to inspiring and motivating them, whilst ensuring they feel safe and can escape from stress and anxiety.

An authentic feng shui assessment of your commercial designs for any project from offices and shops to hospitality and outdoor spaces can positively influence your brand and relationships with your clients by demonstrating that your designs consider people’s needs at a sophisticated and mindful level. This also reflects well on the desirability of your proposed designs and the finished spaces, influencing the perceived value as well as the investment.

Enhanced flow and layout are achieved through my authentic feng shui assessment of the designs and layouts to ensure energy flows well, there are no authentic feng shui taboos present in the designs, and there is balance and harmony throughout the spaces. Prospective buyers can ‘read’ spaces and know when the flow is right, there is positivity, and the spaces are energised and harmonised.

This is next generation design, a more evolved process with positive outcomes for your developer clients, your design work and your brand. It shows thought leadership, design innovation and benefits communities and society too.

A friend said I should ring Nina. From our point of view Nina was thinking outside the box. Great ideas and suggestions that we would never have thought of actually now seem obvious. There was no need to look for anybody else. We are extremely happy with the service provided.

Mag G (Waterford)

Summary of Commercial Design Process

  • Identify and resolve issues in your ideas, design or drawings that may impact your client and their family
  • Analyse your client’s and their family’s energies to harmonise them with your designs for their home
  • Adjust your plans and ideas to positively influence, protect and support your client and their family
  • Align layouts and furnishings to benefit your client’s health, happiness, harmony and wealth
  • Flow to ensure good energy flow throughout your design for their home, workspace and garden
  • Support is enhanced for your client, their marriage, family, relationships and business partnerships

Customised Session

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