I was impressed when I saw Nina on RTE’s ‘Show House’ programme, so I called her. Our new build project was stalling due to indecision, and her guidance was a great help at a point when we were struggling. She provided a well thought out comprehensive service suited to our taste, aspirations and budget. I appreciated this informed advice and guidance. Her calm and efficient personality was also a joy

Cathy O (Co Offaly)


You only get one chance to get it 100% right. If you are reconfiguring or extending your home or about to embark on a new build, then this is an opportunity to get a specialist holistic design review to ensure you are making good design decisions, the best use of your spaces, the right layout, a flow that works, and a robust and cohesive design concept, so that your finished building will suit you and your family’s lifestyle and needs into the future.

If you are considering making changes to the layout of your home, my expertise in spatial design and unique perspective can assist you with achieving the best outcome. I can conduct an audit of your spaces and create interiors based on your needs that take account of practicality, longevity and budget. I can optimise energies, maximise spaces, remove hassle and save you time and money, whilst creating the perfect fit for your aesthetic, sensitivities, needs, lifestyle and work.

Consult with me from the outset to carry out a design audit and feng shui assessment of your plans for your new build. I can advise you on best orientation, optimal energies, healthier flow, room layouts, furniture placement, and functionality – all based on your family’s energies, an analysis of the site, and other critical data. I can work with your architect and can contribute to your project from pre-construction to moving in.

Your ultimate house is one that matches you and your family’s needs and is designed with consideration to the following:

  • Meets your physical, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Enhances your health, family harmony, relationships and wealth
  • Connects you and your family with your living and working spaces
  • Integrates nature into your interior
  • Uses natural elements in your spaces
  • Best timing so you can live your best life
  • Takes account of your future needs as occupancy changes occur
  • Gives you peace of mind

After an assessment of your birthdates and of your site (using maps, folios, plans, videos, photos, etc.), I review your architectural drawings and make suggestions. My specialist holistic design advice prioritises your health, relationships and wealth – in that order. During the process I take many factors into account and I assess many layers of data to gain unique insights before making decisions on each aspect of your home because I understand only too well the impact each decision I make will have on your life.

I ensure your spaces function properly according to their purpose, devise concepts to suit your tastes, provide ideas for furnishings and lighting, etc. You can ask me to approve samples, improve the exterior or surroundings, assist with bespoke designs, suggest colour schemes, help finalise decisions on finishes, or assist with anything else that crops up as your project progresses. Depending on the scope of your project you can book me as many times as you need.

We had plans drawn up for an extension which we showed to Nina who pointed out changes to the design and, looking back, we are so glad we implemented those changes – she understood our needs more than anyone we had spoken to before and was able to transfer our ideas onto paper, from the layout of rooms which made the flow very easy, to giving us great advice including where to source goods

Trish & Joe B (Co Tipperary)

Summary of Reconfigure, Extend or New Build Process

  • Identify and resolve issues in your ideas or plans that may impact you and your family so you can flourish
  • Analyse you and your family’s energies in harmony with your new ideas and plans for your home
  • Adjust your plans and ideas to positively influence, protect and support you and your family
  • Align layout and furnishings for greater health, happiness, harmony and wealth
  • Flow to ensure good energy flow throughout your home, workspace and garden
  • Support is enhanced for you, your marriage, family, relationships and business partnerships
  • Timing and best ways to boost opportunities, luck and finances for you and your family

Half Day Session

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