Nina brings balance and harmony to a project and is extremely sensitive to the needs of her client. Nina was totally focussed on the need to prepare our house for sale. The first lady through the door bought it immediately she viewed it

Riona G (Co Tipperary)

Staging to Sell or Rent (In Person Only)

Reap the financial rewards of investing in your property. Good presentation is a crucial factor in your success, second only to price and location.

I use my expertise to make practical changes or create a whole new look within your budget to make your property more appealing, leading to a quicker sale or tenancy at the right price. I can transform your house or apartment creating the best impression to attract the right prospective purchaser or tenant, so you can move forward with your life.

Property presentation is secondary only to location, so it makes sense to use a home staging professional to prepare your property for market. By professionally staging your home you will be making an investment in your greatest asset and this will lead to an increase in your property’s value, achieving a higher sale price whilst setting higher standards and pricing for that area.

Professionally staging your property maximises your chances of making a sale particularly in a slower than average market by giving it a leading edge to stave off competition especially from new apartments, houses, or developments of a similar offering within a comparable price bracket and location.

Professional staging can result in a buyer being more keenly committed through to completion based on their belief that the property is a perfect fit for their family and the only place for them. It can prevent hiccups and delays and facilitate a smoother transaction so hire a professional stager early on and carry out their recommendations such as repairs, de-junking your spaces, cleaning rooms, and packing away personal possessions, and even get your own buyer’s survey done.

The buyer will look to see if your property will meet their needs (space, storage, layout, etc.) and lifestyle, but they will also be swayed by their aspirations and remember that nowadays buyers are even more discerning about design, trend-aware and style-savvy than ever before.

Avoid disappointing a prospective buyer or tenant – instead, try to exceed their expectations by getting your property expertly staged and professionally photographed to convey a desirable ambience as well as the best features the property has to offer, so that a great marketing campaign will  lead to showings to ideal buyers that result in lots of offers which may even push the price up.

Professional staging will make the most of every benefit your property has to offer by styling and clearly defining the purpose of each space to help buyers decide it’s a match for them and it fulfils their wish list, such as staging a study nook, creating a separate dining area, setting up a home office space, or defining a dedicated laundry.

A buyer can form an emotional connection to a place and a lasting impression when a property is professionally staged as buyers can envision living in ‘their new home’, it feels welcoming and homely, and they can’t get it out of their mind after they leave.

If the budget is limited, a professional can advise you on how to do a quick but neutral refresh that is worth the effort and investment as it will make a place appear new, clean, fresh, airy, bright, well-maintained and move-in ready, and can offer a blank canvas for a buyer to add their personal stamp to the place. A professional understands how to capture a larger target market by ensuring the interior décor appeals to all market segments the marketing campaign is aimed towards.

A professional can help you balance expenditure so you only spend on things that will complement your place whilst giving buyer the best impression, and this practical approach ensures the place is easy to present for every viewing.

Nina did a wonderful job in suggesting ideas that would rejuvenate a tired rental property. Nina pulled the various rooms together using new colour schemes and sourcing items of furniture and fittings to create a new look and feel, while keeping within a tight budget. Should problems arise, Nina was on hand to problem-solve, and assist at all times. We are delighted with the new and fresh look of the property and we would be delighted to use Nina’s services again in the near future

Lynn McN (Dublin)

Summary of Staging to Sell or Rent Process

  • Appeal staging can make the most of your property’s best features and appeal to a larger market
  • Attract more quality buyers matched to your property who are more likely to place an offer
  • Value enhance the value of your property and achieve the best price ahead of your competition
  • Speed have your property market-ready quickly, achieve a quicker sale and be move-out ready
  • Smooth easy to present for every viewing and a smooth transaction with a committed buyer
  • Maximise your property’s potential and align with potential buyers’ aspirations who best match your offering

Full Day Session

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