Nina was on the RTE Room to Improve show and I decided to get her feng shui advice as I wanted to know if it was ok for us to live in a property before I made an offer on one I had chosen. From the moment we arrived Nina was reluctant about it, pointing out the issues were simply too big and costly to fix. As it turned out, she was right. I had started out blind to the problems I did not want to see. What if things turned out the same for me as they had for the sellers and their business? Nina was a life saver!

Margaret C (Co Dublin)

Pre-Purchase Property Check (In Person Only)

An authentic feng shui pre-purchase property check gives you the chance to see if a property is ideal for you, or can be easily adapted to suit you, or to drop it as a prospective purchase if it holds the potential to harm your health, scupper your relationships, create family discord, and bring about your financial or business ruin.

Your home is your greatest asset and your most important investment, and a home has the potential to either support and enhance your life or to ruin your chances of a successful life.

With an existing property it is important to check the existing energy imprint and what can be done to improve and tailor the energies to match your needs.

With a new build you can see how to set up the home and site from the start to align with your energies and those of your family to ensure you are supported and you have the greatest chance of living more successful and fulfilled lives.

Similarly, if you are looking to take on a business premises this is your chance to check if it is one that will work for you or against you and save yourself a great deal of stress, lost time and missed opportunities.

Choosing a property, business premises or a site for a new build is a big decision – possibly a lifetime investment. If the energy in a property is out of balance, misaligned, unlucky or even afflicted then your life or business will not go well for you unless you know how to fix the issues, and quickly. With my pre-buy check you get peace of mind knowing it is the best place for you and your family to put down roots, even if it needs to be changed to suit your energies.

I can assess a shortlist of your potential properties, business premises or sites and can appraise you of which is most suitable according to you and your family’s personal energies, or you and your staff’s energies whilst suggesting the best alterations, reconfiguration, or extension that is within reason.

In the case of a site for a new house, I assess the surrounding landscape, the plot, the position of the house and its orientation and then make recommendations as to what needs to be done to ensure all will go well for you.

I also check best timing for you and your family or for your business to ensure that things can go smoothly or at least that you can be prepared for any potential issues.

This service can give you an idea of the scope of works involved before taking on a property, design options to maximise potential, a chance to explore business ideas, and even an opportunity to discuss landscaping concepts – and gives you the  peace of mind to know it is the right move at the right time for you and your family.

It is a year now since I bought my house. Before I bought it, I asked Nina to have a quick look at it for me. She did and I happily bought it. Nina went through the good and not so good points of the house with me and gave a to do list which I followed to the letter. I am very happy to recommend Nina’s expertise to anyone – which I have already. The peace, prosperity and balance in my home is more than I can ever imagine and that is thanks to Nina for putting me on the right track

Carmel H (Waterford)

Summary of Pre-Purchase Property Check Process

  • Assess the property, site or premises to see if it is suitable or should be dropped from your list of potentials
  • Review to suggest reasonable adaptations necessary to make it ideal for you and your family or business
  • Orientation authentic feng shui energy check to match and align the site, house or premises to your energies
  • Energies checked to ensure they can be uplifted, fixed, cleansed or altered to best suit your energy needs
  • Maximise the design potential by exploring different options and discussing suitable ideas and concepts
  • Positivity optimising the positive energies for personal, family and business to ensure happiness and success

Full Day Session

Price on Application