We heard about Nina through people who highly recommended her. We believe nobody out there is as good as Nina at her job. She knew exactly what we wanted and liked, knows her products and where to find them, and knows what will look right in a space. She gave us fantastic advice, and thanks to her help, guidance and advice we now have a beautiful new home

Brid B (Co Waterford)

Personal Shopper (In Person Only)

Save precious time and avoid expensive mistakes with my personal shopper service.

I can help you find the right fabrics, furnishings, furniture, flooring, fittings and finishing touches for your home. With practical advice, only get what you need, spend what you can afford, and select the perfect items to complement your home and finally have it the way you want it. I can even negotiate on your behalf and help you find the best deals, so you can get the most from your budget.

As a specialist in authentic feng shui, I can ensure that you make better choices for you and your family’s health and wellbeing. I am conscious that so much of what is available to consumers is harmful to health. I do my best to steer my clients towards better choices that can add a beautiful layer of colour, texture and ambience to your interiors.

Our homes expose us to the hidden effects of gases and vapours.  Many synthetic-based materials and toxic preservatives or treatments contribute to off-gassing with the result that indoor air is often more polluted than that outdoors. Modern homes are often sealed units that trap stale air and chemical vapours inside until they reach concentrations that can cause bad health. Breathing ability can be impaired by off-gassing from synthetic materials. Breathing impairments, allergies and undiagnosed illnesses are affecting more and more people, and about one in seven people is seriously affected by the everyday levels of gas and dust found in the home.

Unhealthy materials and chemicals, such as cleaning agents and furniture finishes, are creating indoor pollutants causing problems to human health and to the planet. Air pollution causes 15% of lung cancer deaths, 20% of fatal heart disease, 25% respiratory infection deaths, and 60% of dementia cases. Indoor air can contain 900 different chemicals, particles and biological matter, and can be ten times more polluted than ambient air. Half of the body’s intake of air is inhaled in the home. Also, a recent study shows that scented candles, room diffusers and air fresheners may account for up to 40,000 deaths per annum in the UK.

You get great value when you shop or bring people shopping with you. You get quality and a good price and you don’t spend for spending’s sake. For instance, something that can be bought at TK Max rather than Brown Thomas and still hit the mark perfectly. You do the same type of shopping for your well-to-do clients as for the “ham and eggers” like me!

Maura K (Co Tipperary)

Summary of Personal Shopper Process

  • Time save precious time and confusion, and only shop for what you need
  • Costs save money by avoiding expensive mistakes, getting better value and finding the best deals
  • Practicality only buy what suits, choose items that outlast trends and select goods that are practical
  • Optimise your home by complimenting it with the right furnishings and finishing touches
  • Maximise good energy by introducing items that enhance your health and wellbeing
  • Positivity create a positive, energised and harmonious environment that supports you and you family

Full Day Session

Price on Application