When I visited a house that Nina did, I was impressed and I thought if she can do the same amazing job for me, then I would be more than pleased. She ensured work was carried out to the highest standards and to specification, and she sourced everything making sure the best prices were achieved. She dealt with all aspects of the project and her experience was invaluable as she knew all the pitfalls. She made improved design changes to the structure of the house, prepared all specifications, redesigned the layout of rooms, positioned lighting, and sourced all interior furnishings, fixtures, fittings, flooring and window treatments throughout

Paul K (Waterford)

INTERIOR & GARDEN (In Person & Virtual)

Creating a positively energised and harmonised home and garden for you and your family to enjoy a quality life and thrive.

Your home is your ‘outer skin’, and a well-designed interior reflects who you are as a person, and in turn you reflect what is going on in your home. When your interior is well designed it not only functions properly, looks aesthetically pleasing, supports your lifestyle appropriately and meets you and your family’s needs, but it also influences how your life will turn out. The more positive the interior the more positive its influence on you and your family and, therefore, the more positive your life’s journey, and the more successful and fulfilled you will all be.

If your home and your family need a little TLC, then this service is just what you need – and it is positively transformational. You will see your home with a completely fresh pair of eyes, be inspired by this new approach, and motivated to implement life-changing transformations that focus on your personal energies and the energies of your spaces to positively enhance your wellbeing, health, relationships and wealth. This service is a comprehensive next-generation bespoke holistic design service based on your personal energies so that your life and your family’s lives are central.

I can present you with cool ideas, clever concepts and simple solutions that are tailored to your birthdates – it is that personalised. I select harmonious colours, work with what you already have by repurposing where appropriate and propose designs that complement you and your family’s tastes and needs. I can transform your interior with flair and imagination to create the right mood and effect, whilst creating a unique look for you and your family that suits your lifestyle as well as the architectural style of your property whilst working to your budget.

You do not have to spend a fortune, just spend it well. With your happiness, health, relationships, success and prosperity at the heart of my environmentally conscious design ethos, I identify areas of optimum improvement leading to powerful positive transformation for you. My work is based on balancing, correcting and elevating your energies and matching and aligning them with the energies of your living spaces whilst creating uniquely individualised, uplifting interiors so you can live a more positive, happier, harmonious and healthier life.

Everything Nina suggested for my home is truly amazing. She gave my sitting room and bedroom a whole new dateless update, saved me so much time and money, listened, and didn’t impose her ideas. She is definitely the best and I highly recommend her

Ellen K (Co Waterford)

Summary of Interior & Garden Process

  • Influences in your home are identified to minimise negativity and increase positivity to boost your prospects
  • Energise your spaces and freshen up your home’s energies to increase your vitality, health and well-being
  • Boost and strengthen opportunities and wealth so you have a greater chance to earn more and hold on to it
  • Harmonise, balance and match your home’s energies with you and your family’s energies so they align
  • Positivity is created in your environment to benefit family harmony, support and relationships
  • Balance results in a welcoming home with uplifting colours, cosy warmth and a relaxing ambience
  • Enhance your garden using ancient authentic feng shui principles and boost your wellbeing and longevity

I wanted to improve the relaxation of my garden by introducing feng shui for meditation purposes. Nina helped me select suitable plants as well as give me design advice. Nina is extremely knowledgeable in her field, easy to work with and wonderfully patient. She takes great care to ensure everything is perfect for her clients with whom she relates well and has a marvellous sense of design and dedication. Everything was done in a planned way professionally at each stage

Brendan McG (Co Wicklow)

Make the most of your outdoor space with a new design, review your draft plan, or adapt your existing garden to a beautiful, relaxing and contemplative place. I can show you the potential for how to create tranquillity and add intrigue, advise on design and layout, help you to choose plants that boost health and wealth, prevent classic mistakes that can take their toll on your whole household and ensure your authentic feng shui inspired garden will give you much pleasure and many fond memories for years to come.

Session Duration Varies

Price on Application