I’m a home-based complimentary therapist. Nina has a good eye and feel for a room and with a few very simple changes it became more pleasant to be in. Clients comment on how relaxing it is – very positive and successful

Leslie C (Dublin)

HOME WORKSPACE (In Person & Virtual)

Optimising your workspace, study or home office can help you have greater focus, higher productivity, deeper concentration, enhanced memorisation and improved relationships, so you can become more empowered, attract greater support, reach a higher potential, achieve success and thrive in your life.

I can help you create or optimise a space in which to work or study, use as a home office, or operate as a consultancy or therapy room. People and spaces consist of energies but often these two different types of energies are not properly matched, corrected and aligned for optimal results. This applies to individuals and to groups of people who share a workspace, and each person’s energies are unique.

Positive and negative energies in spaces affect the way your space feels and how much time you like to spend there, how well you perform and for how long before you fade, the way you interact and communicate with others and how they perceive you, and impacts on your business’s sales revenue, customer satisfaction, turnover, and other tangibles.

Remember, no place is perfect and there is always room for improvement. I match your energies to those of your workspace using data based on your birthdate to harmonise your personal energies with those of your working environment, whilst using best timing for optimum results.

Your space defines what level you will function at psychologically, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Your space not only affects how well you work and study, but also reflects who you are as a person, company or brand, thereby affecting your professional image and your external reputation.

The energy between you and your spaces is constantly interacting and as a result the energies in your spaces influence your personal energies affecting the way you think, speak and act. In turn this will influence how you communicate via your personal vibrations, body language, voice tone, facial expression, physical appearance, level of positivity, and verbal communication.

How energies work in a workspace are reflected in how well that workspace works for you, i.e. a neat workspace conveys efficiency and shows signs of positive influence, or a disorganised and chaotic workspace may be due to the presence of negative energy. If you fix the energies in a workspace you will benefit your brand, employees, customers, etc. So, why limit yourself, your position, your career, your relationships, your business, or your finances when you can put yourself and your work or business in a more advantageous position and give yourself a leading edge in a fiercely competitive world?

The right workspace will inspire and motivate you to aim high, be dynamic, perform at your best, feel positive, prioritise smartly, task efficiently, think clearly, memorise better, make decisions easily, plan with vision, and achieve your goals and objectives. You will achieve a higher level of satisfaction from your work, enjoy more harmonised relationships, benefit from greater support and be capable of availing of more opportunities, career progression or attract new business.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Conduct a success audit and give you tips on improving your wellbeing, health, memory and your best times of day to get more done more easily
  • Ensure your desk is in a power position not just facing your best direction but correctly positioned in the best place in the workspace, as well as be specifically aligned according to your personal energies for enhanced success
  • Minimise any negative influences on you and your workspace to reduce stress and anxiety, increase your luck, and improve your health and wellbeing
  • Recommend best décor, furnishings and layouts that can further inspire and motivate you to advance you and your brand
  • Make changes to the workspace and recommend different options for creating a healthier and more positive working environment
  • Assess your best timing for when to do or not to do things, so you can better avail of opportunities according to certain months, seasons and years and minimise the loss of good energy at the wrong time resulting in lost efforts, morale and opportunities

Your workspace can be transformed into a better place where your energies are supported and complimented, so you can achieve greater things in a shorter time frame with reduced effort and less pushback from others.

As your success grows and your focus changes, you can book me again to conduct a review to ensure you remain energised, your workspace is kept optimised, and you are availing of best timing to remain successful.

Nina really took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve with a given space, a tight timeline, a limited budget and a need to transform the use and feel of a home and office space

Rachel D (Co Wicklow)

Summary of Home Workspace Process

  • Optimise your workspace via a specialised holistic assessment to identify and plan optimum improvements
  • Empower you to become successful by placing you in your best desk location, orientation and alignment
  • Support is generated by creating the most supportive environment to enhance working relationships
  • Focus is excellent for better concentration, memorisation, prioritisation, communication and efficiency
  • Inspire you by enhancing your workspace for better ideation, greater innovation and more creativity
  • Motivate you by revitalising your energies and your workspace so you can be more productive and fulfilled
  • Health is optimised via a healthier environment for positivity, well-being, resilience and performance
  • Wealth is increased due to best timing and most effective ways to boost luck, opportunities and finances

Session Duration Varies

Price on Application