From the moment Nina arrived to our house, I knew my life was going to change for the better

Eve J (Dublin)

Family Horoscopes (In Person & Virtual)

Discover your family’s unique potential and learn how you can all create your best lives in harmony with one another, how to become more understanding with each other, communicate more effectively, and be more supportive to one another. Find out:

  • When your energies are at their best so each of you can get more from your day
  • The type of home that can be more supportive to each of your energies and make your lives easier
  • Career options that can positively influence each family member’s life journey
  • What kind of person works in harmony with each of your energies increasing your chance of happiness
  • Why relationships with family members, colleagues and friends are smooth or difficult for each of you
  • Best timing to help you each grasp opportunities and transform your plans from a vision to reality

For clarity, authentic feng shui uses accurate information necessary for creating positive outcomes. Information based on your birthdate is used to build your family members’ personal energy profiles and from these profiles you can then match and align each of your personal energies to the energies of others and to your living spaces. When this is done in conjunction with your family members’ best timing, you can each maximise your highest potential in life.

When I conduct a unique authentic feng shui analysis of your personal energies, regardless of not knowing you or having met you before, the details are likely to astound you. You will learn what suits you career wise, how you think and act, the way you communicate with others, when your energies are at their best or lowest during the day, which seasons suit you and which do not, how you interact and relate to others, your weakest organ and health, diet and nutrition best suited to you, and a detailed timing forecast.

You can each use this information to better yourselves per your situation in your life. Life is short and there is no chance to live it again nor can you go back in time and change what has already happened, but with this knowledge you can each become empowered to make changes to positively transform yourselves and your futures, so you can all be happier and live better lives.

Information about your family’s personal energies is vital because you must know this to fix the energies within the family unit as well as your living spaces because these two types of energies constantly interact together and need to harmonise and match. Therefore, it is important to fix both. To get the best from both sets of energies, your family’s energies and the energies of your living spaces and workspaces need to be energised, harmonised, corrected, balanced and aligned. Once this is done, you have the greatest chance of leading a fuller, longer life.

Nina brings a fresh mind-set and ideas. She is an energetic, kind, caring and talented feng shui consultant who does her utmost to obtain results

Paula K (Co Westmeath)

Summary of Family Positivity | Horoscopes Process

  • Personality discover your family’s personality traits, best career options and true life potential
  • Relationships learn what makes each of you shine and how to be more compatible together
  • Power know when each of you are at your best and how to communicate more positively
  • Health find out how to manage health and its impact on the emotional state of each family member
  • Luck by revealing your magic numbers you see if it can change your family’s destiny
  • Wealth use your best timing to maximise opportunities so each of you can live successful lives

Half Day Session – Part 1 of 2

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