Tired of being in a rut, smothered by my personal junk and possessions, exhausted from trying to find the right remedy for me, I finally found my answer: Nina. In one day, she waded through my house, knee deep in both personal and material clutter, and identified what needed to be stripped away, disposed of, appreciated or highlighted – and all in a very tactful and kind manner. I felt released, found clarity and direction, and finally moved forward. Happily, I now live the life I wanted. In summary, she helped transform my life

Esther D (Co Wicklow)


Declutter and makeover your home, create space and attract more opportunities into your life – and benefit from a total transformation

Review your home, reclaim your space, and renew your energy with a service dedicated to de-cluttering your mind, your emotions and your home using mostly what you already have. There are so many layers to this service. If you no longer want to be weighed down by ‘stuff’ that is neither useful, attractive, or appropriate for you or your home, and you want to create a fresh look with your living spaces and a new beginning in your life then this is the service for you. You and your family can live better, feel energised, create new habits, spend less, be more positive and have your home functioning the way you want.

Positive benefits include more headspace so you can think at a higher level, and emotional freedom so you can let go of the ties that are holding you back in your life. Better organisation leads to fewer arguments, less stress, gain back time to do more, and additional living space resulting in increased well-being, greater family harmony, and the optimum functioning of your home – positively influencing every aspect of you and your family’s life so you can live better and be happier.

The process involves working together to tackle your spaces in stages, so you do not feel overwhelmed, for example room-by-room or floor-by-floor. First, I can help you define what is clutter. It is important not to be too ruthless by getting rid of personal items of sentimental value that are part of you and your family’s history and identity any items that bring you joy or evoke happy memories of past times and exciting adventures.

Next, I can review your spaces with a view to creating balance, that is not everything needs to be to hand, on display, or in your way. Once you decide what is going, I can assist you with clearing, cleansing, detoxing and reorganising your home whilst providing impartial advice on replacements and repairs – help that is totally tailored to you and your budget. You can enjoy every step of the process sifting through things, enjoying the process, knowing what to keep, and seeing your new spaces becoming a blank canvas for the next stage.

Nina had so many simple ideas which made a huge difference. Items already in my house were moved to other areas where they had more impact with no expense involved. She really listened to me and I felt she was the right person to advise me. She is very professional, has great design knowledge and is aware of budget restrictions. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Annemarie C (Co Louth)

Results of the Declutter & Makeover Processes

Following the decluttering process, you can totally transform your spaces with a unique designer makeover. I provide the help you need with restyling your home and repurposing your existing furnishings, improve the layout of furniture, the proper display of pictures and ornaments, and can advise you on colours, lighting, soft furnishings, window treatments, etc. I can even devise a list of what to buy or replace, ensuring you only spend what you need on the right things to make the most of your home.

You can derive a great sense of satisfaction in what is unfolding over a relatively short space of time, feeling a sense of achievement as things take shape; your spaces become reimagined, furnishing layouts are optimised, spaces are more convivial, colour and texture contribute to a new ambience, your best pieces are highlighted, the flow feels right, energies are positive, and there is a calm and inviting warmth.

You can also see how much easier it will be to maintain your new spaces, so that storage, access, and the display of your possessions does not become unmanageable again. Moreover, when you are ready you can continue the process to achieve even better results. Just book me as and when you need a freshen up. At each stage I can advise on additional improvements such as storage to best suit your needs, ideas to enhance your spaces, and harmonising colours and organising solutions to bring about balance to your home, garden, workspace and to your life.

In a relatively short space of time, and in most cases with little outlay, you can see how your energies and your family’s energies become positively transformed. You can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as your friends and relatives compliment your ‘new home’ and enjoy the relaxation and rejuvenation your new spaces offer.

My friends see the before and after and are astounded not only by the better look of the space but the feel of the place

Maura K (Co Tipperary)

Summary of Declutter & Makeover Processes

  • Assess how to best tackle your project to refresh and update your spaces
  • Clear and de-junk your spaces creating a fresh canvas ready for the next stage
  • Renew the energies so they are clean, cleansed and detoxed to energise your spaces
  • Review your possessions, repurpose and redistribute items to make the most of your home and budget
  • Restyle your new spaces to get the best layout for your furnishings and rearrange displays to look amazing
  • Reorganise your spaces to make better use of storage with visual access to contents and additional solutions
  • Transform your spaces with what to buy including finishing touches to complete your home transformation

Full Day Sessions

Price on Application