Nina works with individuals, groups and teams to help you, your family or your staff discover your unique energies with a unique feng shui horoscope and personality profile, as well as compatibility charts. Based on your date of birth, you will learn about your characteristics, possible career options and who you get along with. Discover your best directions, the seasons and locations that suit you most, the way you interact and communicate with others, and matters relating to health. Horoscopes include tips for avoiding pitfalls and mishaps during difficult times.

We have had a number of unfortunate events occur in our lives.  Having moved into our current house approximately 10 years ago, it constantly seemed as though we were pushing water up a hill without much luck. We knew we needed to change the energy in the house. Nina explained to us in very reasonable terms that there were energies in the house that were working against us.  She then gave us direction as to how to correct so many different aspects, and things soon began to change. Nina has a very non-judgemental attitude.  She was very confident and therefore gave us complete confidence in her ability to help us.  This enabled us to have a clear vision of our course of action.  She had a wonderful way of explaining things to our children which ensured they were on board with everything that we needed to do, and this made the process so much easier. We felt a sense of relief, vindication, empowerment, and being in control, as though a weight had been lifted off our shoulders. For me I would describe Nina as a life saver!