Nina will improve the health, wealth, harmony and happiness of your whole household by matching the unique personal energies of you and your family with your home.  She also helps businesses to develop a more positive image, improve staff and customer relations, promote team work and increase out-put, enhance shop layout and product display, and transform staff and public areas into a better, productivity enhancing environment.

I saw Nina on ‘Room to Improve’ – she made an impact. I’m in the market for a new home. I am interested in and believe in feng shui principles. Nina came across on the programme as someone I could easily relate to, understand and work with professionally. There were numerous issues in my present home that she recommended I work on, and with her encouragement and explanation of each issue I was happy to tackle them as soon as possible. It became obvious very quickly the negative impact these issues were having on both my family and my health and well-being It may sound extreme but the description ‘saviour’ comes to mind when I think of Nina. Not alone has she made a positive transformation of our health and well-being, my energy levels have increased, my memory has improved, I am more at ease, and I am more confident house-hunting. I even have more money in my bank account!