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The Power of Positive Transformation


With your happiness, health, relationships, success and prosperity at the heart of her design ethos, Nina identifies areas of optimum improvement leading to powerful positive transformation so you can reach your highest potential, live your best life and succeed at work or in business. Feng shui, formally a secret geo science, is now mainstream with more people frequently turning to it. Depending on your circumstances, Nina does her utmost to achieve positive outcomes that can leap you forward by up to 70%. She works in a practical way within the scope of what you have, is mindful of your situation, explains everything plainly, outlines what's at stake and your potential gains, and deals empathetically and positively with all kinds of issues including despair, loss, divorce, bankruptcy, illness and starting a family. She takes a practical client-centric approach, working to achieve what is reachable and uses energy-matching, correctives and adjustments. After considering the options she gives you a prioritised plan of action, much of which is a simple and doable list of easy-to-implement solutions.

'I feel things are going to turn around in a positive way - Nina is probably one of, or even the most important investments I've made in all the years I have been on this earth.'


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Harmonise: Home/Family & Pre-Buy Property Check

During a consultation with Nina, you and your family will be inspired, educated and motivated. And as a result of her input, your living spaces will be more energised and harmonised, and you will become happier and healthier leading to a better quality, stress-free, more positive and productive life. Based on your birth dates, a property analysis, time cycles, energy alignment, and other critical data, Nina uniquely uses the ancient secret science of authentic feng shui to positively transform your whole household. As a priority she concentrates on your health because this is your wealth, next your relationships for harmony and support, and then finances through greater opportunities and luck. You can also book her to undertake a pre-buy check for a site on which to build a house or a property you are considering buying.


'We have had a number of unfortunate, unlucky events occur in our lives since moving to our home, so we called in Nina who gave us direction as to how to correct the energy in the house. We had complete confidence in her, and things began to change for the better'

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Energise: Business/Staff

Nina works with businesses with the aim of increasing morale, productivity and efficiency leading to a rise in revenue, greater harmony and better relationships, and a leading edge on the competition. There is a reduction in anxiety, stress and sick leave, a boost in motivation, teams are happier, talent attraction and retention improves, and the workplace is healthier and energised - all of which contributes to external reputation, as well as your bottom line. Taking responsibility for people's well-being generates a positive knock-on effect for your business resulting in outcomes that are tangible and invaluable.

'I genuinely feel I have received my investment back beyond measure. Investing in Nina saves your resources on multiple levels. She spent time guiding me to make clever choices and I would highly recommend her to anyone.'

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Personal Positivity Session

For the past 20 years, Nina has been committed to helping people become happier, healthier and therefore wealthier. This service is about your wellness, welfare and well-being and helps to prevent sickness and depression. Unlock the power of your potential and live life to the full. Nina empowers you with key information about yourself that is incredibly accurate; she gives you positive and constructive advice to inspire and motivate you, enhance your self-awareness, boost your self-confidence, and give you the tools to take charge and live a more positive and successful life. If you want to take this programme a step further, you can book more sessions as you progress and go on to learn about the significant others in your life, work and study, building a life plan, etc. This popular service will help you let go of the past to focus on the future, and learn best ways to detox, oxygenate and hydrate your body, better sleep organ function and posture, improve mental clarity and memorisation so you can live a happier, healthier, better quality, longer life. Essential and highly recommended for creating a whole new you.

'The process was quite personalised, and after the consultation I gradually began to feel as though things were working for me rather than against me. My life literally took off in a new direction, i.e. health, relationships, work, and in my case some of the important things Nina said would happen actually happened!'

Nina starts with a unique feng shui analysis based on your birth date. Regardless of not knowing you or having met you before, she can give you details about you that are likely to astound you. You will learn all about your personality and what suits you careerwise, the way you think and act, the way you communicate and when your energies are at their best or their lowest, how you interact and relate to others, your weakest organ and health, tips on diet and nutrition best suited to you, timing and a detailed forecast of when to do or not to do things, and how to increase your luck and abundance.

'The hours passed by very quickly during the consultation, which was informal making it very comfortable and open. Nina brings a fresh mindset and ideas. She is energetic, kind, caring and a talented feng shui consultant who does her utmost to obtain results.'

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Feng Shui Garden

Make the very most of your outdoor space by creating a new design, reviewing your draft plan, or adapting your existing garden into a beautiful, relaxing and contemplative area with Nina’s ingenious help. She can see the potential and help you create a wonderful place that feels tranquil, intriguing and has purpose. She advises on layout and either accompanies you to buy plants or procures them on your behalf. She can ensure there is a good flow of energy, an emotional connection with you and your family, and that your feng shui inspired garden will give you much pleasure and many fond memories for years to come.


’I wanted to improve the relaxation of my garden by introducing feng shui for meditation purposes. Nina helped me select suitable plants as well as give me design advice. Nina is extremely knowledgeable in her field, easy to work with and wonderfully patient. She takes great care to ensure everything is perfect for her clients with whom she relates well and has a marvellous sense of design and dedication. Everything was done in a planned way professionally at each stage.’


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