My life literally took off in a new direction i.e. health, relationships, work. After the Feng Shui consultation, I gradually began to feel that things were working for me rather than against me. In my case some of the important things Nina said would happen actually happened!


Mr X was suddenly experiencing problems in all areas of his life. He worked for a government department and at the time was seeking promotion from his responsible, demanding job to a new high-profile, much-coveted position, but his application for this post was turned down. He was not even considered for interview despite being highly qualified and suitable. For the first time he was dealing with customers who were angry, and their tone had begun to escalate until he received a death threat in his workplace from an enraged client who had to be restrained. The stress of such a confrontation, compounded by increasing arguments with staff, had taken its toll on his health and he began to suffer with stomach issues affecting everyday life. After splitting suddenly and acrimoniously with his live-in partner of 5 years, she had begun to harass him. It was a shocking situation for him to find himself in, and all this had happened within the space of just a few weeks. When he told his friend about his sudden change in fortunes, she recommended me as she had been to my authentic feng shui workshop.


I conducted an in-depth authentic feng shui analysis of his personal energies and a comprehensive assessment of his property to diagnose the reason why his stable life had suddenly turned into one of major stress, ill-health, discord, confrontations, intimidation, harassment, and litigation. I already knew from my specialist training what causes this particular situation, but to be thorough I followed my usual processes to confirm my hunch, and found I was correct; he made a few alterations to his house that brought about destructive influences causing sudden negative upheaval in all areas of his life. If he did not act quickly his life would be in ruins within a short space of time, so I gave him a prioritised list of prescribed solutions for each affected area in his home which was affecting each area of his life. The aim was to cease the negative impact on his life and create positivity, potential and possibilities instead, so he could attract and avail of beneficial opportunities and advance his life in the right direction. He needed a significant boost in nourishment and vitality so his health could recover. I needed to encourage harmony and support in his relationships, so he could now attract positive helpful people to him and be perceived as likeable by others. I needed to  empower him and strengthen his investments, so his finances would do well. All based on good timing to have the best chance of success. I gave him a list of things to do and buy, dietary changes, and specifications for interior alterations.


He took time off work to prioritise undertaking the authentic feng shui changes I recommended, actioning every single item on his list, and immediately his life went from negative to positive – literally overnight. At work client intimidation and staff difficulties stopped. His applications submitted after this point led to a worthwhile promotion and pay rise, followed by several more over the next few years. Legal matters and excessive financial demands from his ex-partner ceased, and she no longer harassed him. Within a short time, he fell in love with someone and started a family. His stomach issues (which eluded medical diagnosis and was unresponsive to medical and complementary treatments) cleared up. He was no longer stressed and anxious, his sleep patterns normalised, and his energy levels returned. He went on to secure a string of promotions at work, bought properties abroad with his higher level earnings, welcomed two healthy children into the world, and then consulted me on purchasing a new site followed by commissioning me to design his new build – all much-desired goals of his for many years. In brief, he went from sick, stressed, struggling, and suffering to being happier, healthier, and wealthier, and to leading the life he had always wanted.


Nina was recommended to me by a good friend who has a holistic centre in South Tipperary. My life literally took off in a new direction i.e. health, relationships, work. After the Feng Shui consultation, which was quite personalised, I gradually began to feel that things were working for me rather than against me. It is obvious that Nina puts her heart and soul into her work – you know that she is very focussed on your issues. In my case some of the important things she said would happen actually happened!