NINA KATI is an award winning, nationally recognised interior design and authentic feng shui specialist, and she is Ireland's leading consulting feng shui interior designer. Her reputation is built on trust and transformation and clients cite tangible benefits to their lives in terms of health, relationships and wealth.

'You cannot put a price on the difference it makes having Nina work with you to transform your space'
With a background in art and property refurbishment, Nina studied interior design before setting up on her own. Prior to starting her design and consultancy practice in 2000, she studied under a Chinese master to train in authentic feng shui, which concerns matching, balancing and harmonising your energies with those of your home and workplace for good health, better relationships and greater wealth. Later she studied under a master Oriental practitioner (also writing the introduction to his book on Oriental medicine) to further her knowledge about feng shui for mind, body and spirit concerning emotional well-being, physical vitality and inner self, elevating her knowledge in connection to healthier people and buildings to a whole new level. In 2017-18 she took the opportunity to further her professional development undertaking one of her biggest projects to date, tackling the extensive stock and large premises of a long-established furniture retailer. The owner was so pleased as the project was developing, she offered Nina a part-time consultancy role (secondary to Nina's business) as their in-store designer, brand ambassador and buyer travelling to European shows to select new furniture ranges for their next season's collections.

Nina's unique services give you the best starting point and framework for your entire project, whether motivating and reinventing yourself, reconfiguring your home, refreshing your interiors or designing your new build
Nina provides both interior design and authentic feng shui services to a wide range of clients including homeowners, architects, developers, businesses and corporates. She is the stand-alone high profile specialist in her field with over 20 years' expertise, whose passion and outstanding commitment to her profession is evidenced not just by her awards but for what she is renowned i.e. bringing authentic feng shui mainstream whilst dispelling any misconceptions about this secret science. Known as the 'Makeover Queen', she maximises your budget to optimise your space, taking a conscientious approach to minimise waste via attractive re-purposing and the use of natural products and materials where possible. As a former computer programmer, she relies on logic and rationale to quickly and accurately analyse information, identify issues and provide solutions. She has gained extensive specialist knowledge and wide breadth of experience, has a distinction in Learning & Development and Communications, is fully insured and SAFE Pass compliant.

'Nina is a hugely engaging, very eloquent and always compelling guest - our listeners on Sunshine Radio love her and she has been a major contributing factor to the overall success of the show' (Carol Dooley, Sunshine Radio Presenter)
'At shows Nina presents masterfully with a highly compelling message and captivating examples' (Joanne Maloney, Shows Organiser)
Nina believes in sharing her valuable knowledge, and has worked hard in her industry to promote all things design and feng shui. She is a regular contributor to Carol Dooley's flagship show on Sunshine Radio, and has featured on tv, radio and press both in news articles and as an expert contributor, including guest articles for international blogs and online publications. As a well-known guest speaker and panellist, her presentations at events across the country attract audiences and queues for her design clinics to the delight of organisers. Her appearance on an episode of RTE’s 'Room to Improve' in 2015 was not only the presenter’s favourite of the series, it broke records for the highest viewer statistics since the show’s inception. When she was asked for her expert opinion of the studio by presenters live on TV3's Ireland AM in 2017 (see 'Media'), she certainly surprised them with her answer! Nina's philosophy of living more simply is reflected in her uncluttered interiors; fresh, bright, harmonised and uplifting. She says 'Less creates headspace, leaves room for development and growth, and invites more into your life, so you have freedom to live your best life.' Clients turn to her time and again because delivering a positive outcome is at the heart of everything she does.

Trusted People 5⭐ Influencer • Best in Service 2020 • Best in Service 2019 • Recognised Leader 2016 • Innovation 2015 • Excellence 2010 • Professionalism 2009