Your date of birth reveals the following crucial information that can help you live life to the full and better manage your health, well-being and relationships throughout your life:

Everyone has a weakest organ, which is the organ that takes the greatest impact of negative energies from our surroundings, and/or a poor diet and lifestyle, and/or stress. 

To better manage and look after our health, we should monitor our weakest organ for signs of impending illness and avoid things that will aggravate or negatively affect those organs.  For instance, if our lungs are our weakest organ, then we should avoid smoking, and if our liver is our weakest organ, we should avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

During the consultation process, health takes priority. This ensures that changes made to the home are done in conjunction with changes to the body, and in turn this speeds up the transformation process for occupants’ lives.

Therefore, if living in a home for a long time, then expect the changes to take time to take effect, but positive changes to the occupants’ health and lifestyle will speed up this process to achieve a positive transformation more quickly.