• Accurately diagnose what has been going wrong for the occupants regarding family, health, relationships, career and finances
  • Accurately diagnose what is not working well for the occupants with the existing interior, what their needs are, and how to prioritise them
  • Correctly relate information specific to the occupants and their family’s personalities, health and the way they interact and communicate
  • Offer logical explanations both in terms of positive energy design and interior design as to why these events have occurred/inconvenience exists
  • Effectively communicate with the occupants on their wavelength so they fully understand the suggested changes, as well as what the resulting benefits will be
  • Suggest practical and aesthetically pleasing design solutions and offer simple suggestions for improving the health, wealth, happiness and harmony of the whole household
  • Transform the lives of the family members by transforming the home in which they live
  • Recommend therapists who can assist people to regain their health using natural alternatives and complementary therapies