In authentic feng shui terms, your health takes top priority followed by your relationships, and lastly, your wealth, so an authentic feng shui consultant’s priority is to tackle people’s health, relationships and finances – in that order.  Your health is your wealth; without it your quality of life is reduced, and the attitude of others towards you is adversely affected because your energies are poor.  Good relationships promote friendship and family harmony in your life, and the support of others brings love, kindness and benevolence.  If you have your health and good relationships, then it is easier for the wealth to follow.

Nina takes people’s dates of birth and works out the family’s individual birth charts – her own unique process that can be so spot-on people are blown away by her accuracy.  A person’s date of birth can reveal very interesting information about them, some of which is unique to them and which describes their overall nature in an astonishingly accurate way, such as:

  • Their personality and characteristics
  • Good career and life choices for them
  • The way they communicate
  • The time of day best suited to them when they are at their most energetic
  • How they interact with others and their true inner nature
  • The seasons and locations that suit them best or work against them
  • Their best and worst directions for their house, front door, cooker, bed and desk to face
  • The type of house or shape of property that suits them best
  • Their weakest organ and appropriate advice for their health
  • The best and worst years for them to invest financially, change home/career, or when to rest up
  • The directions and sectors that are afflicted with bad energy during each year