It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people’s lives. Her expertise in her field is outstanding, and her ability to provide a vision of what could be and transform it into reality is amazing


As an interior designer and feng shui expert, Nina Kati knows how colour can have a lasting effect on the overall feel and association of a room. And, as many renovation projects involve a paint overhaul, Nina gives us the lowdown on some popular colours we could be considering this summer.

“Pink is warm and soothing and represents healing, love and romance. It raises the vibration of a room and is a healthy colour to have around as it has the effect of calming us, if we’re angry.

Green is the most balanced colour of all because it falls in the middle of the colour spectrum. It’s the colour of nature and healing. Red is considered lucky and is often used for protection. It represents importance and is associated with enthusiasm, activity and passion.

Blue if the colour of trust and reliability, whereas yellow, the colour of the sun, is associated with joy and warmth. It’s also thought to aid digestion. Orange is the colour of communication so it is a social and creative colour. People become more talkative when they see it. Peach should be used with care – never use it in a master bedroom as it will bring too much fire energy to the relationship and then sparks will fly!”