Nina Katis professional portfolio at
Nina Kati in IE on Houzz
Nina Katis professional portfolio at
Nina Kati in IE on Houzz
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NINA KATI is an award winning nationally recognised Irish interior designer, Chinese master trained authentic feng shui expert, and a tutor with a distinction in Training and Development (FETAC Level6). As Ireland's leading authentic feng shui interior designer, Nina specialises in positive transformation; she can positively transform people and their lives, relationships and situations, living spaces and work places.

I specialise in creating uniquely individualised interiors and positively transforming spaces using authentic feng shui interior design to create healthier, happier, harmonious living spaces and work places elevating you to achieve greater potential, productivity and prosperity. I believe that your health and well-being is your wealth, that relationships and situations can become harmonised and stress-free, and that a healthier home and inspiring workplace leads to a happier, wealthier life – all of which elevates you to achieve your best potential to live life to the fullest

For each of her clients, Nina's goal is to deliver a positive outcome by identifying areas of optimum improvement in different spaces from both a design and lifestyle perspective. Whether it's your living space, bedroom, office or entrance, she incorporates authentic feng shui in each of her designs so that your new space will not only look better, it will feel personalised, energised and harmonised too. Whether you are looking to build a new house, transform or extend your present home, or get inspiration for a fresh design for each of your rooms, why not discuss your ideas with Nina during a consultation? She can work from architectural plans to create a better flow between spaces and design unique and uplifting interiors.

Nina's advice? Fix your home, fix your life!
Nina can really relate to how you feel - tackling a whole house or even one aspect of it can be incredibly overwhelming. That's where the advice and assistance of a unique specialist like Nina can help to alleviate stress, hassle, decision-making and costly mistakes. She can help you avoid this and achieve the best outcome for your interior so you can live a quality life. Nina will go to your home to give you on-the-spot independent advice, ideas and guidance. During this uniquely personalised consultation she will base her advice on you and your family's birth dates, providing you with specifically tailored solutions to create a happier, healthier, harmonised home. Based on your ideas she helps you formulate concepts for each of your rooms, including colour scheming, lighting, window treatments, flooring choices, furniture layouts, furnishing selections, etc. Nina can then assist you to implement your new interior designs with a personalised shopping service or by co-ordinating the project on your behalf.

Want a beautiful home and a happy life?
· Feeling lacklustre, bogged down at home, trapped in a relationship and stuck in a stressful job?
· Hectic timetable, finances stretched, family arguments, low health and business suffering?
· Is sick building syndrome affecting staff morale and motivation, and reducing efficiency and output?
· Does your place need decluttering, fresh décor, an update, a review of the flow or if to extend?
· Can’t sell your house and unsure what house to choose with best feng shui suitability in mind?

If you are new to authentic feng shui, keep an open mind - there is nothing to lose by trying it
The aim of authentic feng shui is to nurture vitality and prosperity, and can be immensely beneficial in correcting all kind of problems. It is now considered mainstream and people are turning to it before choosing to buy, build, renovate or improve a house to increase their chances of living a better life giving them peace of mind.

Invest in a stress-free workplace and enhanced retail environment to improve productivity and revenue:
· Developing a better image · Improving staff and customer relations · Promoting teamwork and increasing output · Enhancing shop layout and product display · Reducing stress in the workplace · Transforming areas into a better place for staff and customers

Authentic feng shui is not the same as the Westernised intuitive version of feng shui widely on offer today
The ancient art of authentic feng shui is very accurate in diagnosing the influence that energies have on a space which in turn affects the people who live and work there. By harmonising this alignment to correct these dynamics, all aspects of their lives are elevated - health, relationships, opportunities and wealth.

Delivering a positive outcome is at the heart of everything Nina does
Clients trust her completely because they realise she knows authentic feng shui interior design like no one else, believing her advice to be so worthwhile they won’t proceed without her.