Nina Katis professional portfolio at
Nina Kati in IE on Houzz
Nina Katis professional portfolio at
Nina Kati in IE on Houzz
As Seen on RTE’s ‘Room to Improve’ & ‘Show House’

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NINA KATI is an award winning nationally recognised interior designer and Chinese master trained authentic feng shui consultant, and she is Ireland's leading authentic feng shui interior design specialist. Her advice? Fix yourself: elevate your potential - Fix your home: optimise your life - Fix your workplace: maximise your future

'It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people's lives'
- Lack of opportunities, financial issues, family arguments and business setbacks?
- Ill health or lack of vitality and need peace of mind, positivity and a fresh outlook on life?
- Relationship difficulties, work stresses, no inspiration or motivation, and low morale and productivity?
- Unhappy living with clutter, stale décor, outdated furnishings, poor flow or layout affecting day-to-day living?

Personal | Family • Home | Garden • Career | Workspace • Staff | Business

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Imagine your space positively transformed into a truly special designer one-off; beautiful, purposeful, functional - with wow AND the X factor because it looks amazing and it FEELS incredible too, elevating you, your family and career, and your business, brand, staff and clientele
Are you happy, healthy, and in a successful relationship? Do you triumph in your career or business and live a fortunate, fulfilled life in a beautiful, harmonised home? Are you involved in a wellness in the workplace initiative? From ingenious conceptual ideas, to unique holistic solutions that outlast the latest trends and go beyond your expectations, to a supercharged reality that perfectly matches your aspirations, aligns with your energies and is superior to, and distinct from, anything you have known before. Everyone praises how your interiors look and feel, there is a positive healthier flow, a sensory and emotional connection, your home is uniquely relaxing and refreshing, you have greater support in your life, there is harmony in your family and relationships, your workspace is inspiring and motivating, staff interaction and customer relations is enhanced, and your energies positively align with your new spaces. This alleviates stress, increases calm and promotes wellness, leading to peace of mind, knowing everything in your world is just right - ensuring you, your family and staff can live a longer, better quality, stress-free, positive and productive life, and your career or business can thrive.
‘Wish I had met you earlier but really glad to have you on board now’ Check out Nina's testimonials; they are compelling proof that no one else can do the same for you as she can - for decades she has put her clients first providing them with a unique and comprehensive offering of the best quality
Nina helps you plan and prioritise, steers you towards the right style and furnishings, shares savvy tips and deals, suggests goods and suppliers, specifies materials and finishes, produces workers' briefs and sketches, etc. As an innovative spatial designer and interiors expert she provides you with the best of practical advice, bespoke solutions, inspirational ideas, ingenious concepts, amazing colours, mesmerising designs and sensory interiors. Consult her from the outset to reconfigure your home, help you set up or move house, go shopping with you or on your behalf, declutter or makeover your place, advise you on extending or renovating, help plan your new build or review drawings, stage your place to sell or audit a potential property, improve your exterior, or create an uplifting workspace. For construction projects she can be hired early or pre-works on an as-and-when needed basis for input at key stages to work with you, your architect or contractor, or co-ordinate and manage your project from start to finish.
Nina works in a practical way within the scope of what you have, is mindful of your situation, and helps you make the best of yourself, your family, home, garden, workspace, staff or premises to positively transform your life - she doesn’t bluff, use fear tactics, or turn up on a broomstick!
Nina does her utmost to achieve positive outcomes that can leap you forward by up to 70%, depending on your circumstances - her detailed testimonials outline the tangible benefits and confirm a high degree of service satisfaction. Nobody is perfect, nor do they live a perfect life in a perfect place - even Nina doesn’t have perfect feng shui! Formally a secret geo science, it is now mainstream with more people frequently turning to it. Nina uniquely practices authentic feng shui - not hocus pocus or Westernised versions - using birth dates, taboo correction, energy-matching and adjustments. She takes a practical and mindful client-centric approach, working to achieve what is reachable. She considers the options, gives you a prioritised plan of action, much of which is a simple and doable list of easy-to-implement solutions. She explains everything plainly so you can easily grasp what's at stake and your potential gains, and deals empathetically and positively with all kinds of personal, family and business issues including despair, loss, divorce, bankruptcy, illness and starting a family (and Lotto winners who want Nina's help to fulfil their wishes!).
With your happiness, health, relationships, success and prosperity at the heart of her design ethos, Nina identifies areas of optimum improvement leading to powerful positive transformation for you and your family, home, career and life, and your business, staff and customers
Nina's services have wide scope, immediate deliverables, and far-reaching outcomes that minimise your worries, alleviate your fears, reduce risk of potential loss, and strengthen what's important to you. Based on your wellness and that special connection of oneness with the buildings you live and work in, she creates personalised, energised, harmonised interiors. She optimises energies, maximises spaces, removes hassle, saves you time and money, and creates the perfect fit for your aesthetic, sensitivities, needs, lifestyle and work - so you can reach your highest potential, live your best life and succeed at work or in business. Your home is the foundation for your life. Your business is your people, passion and brand. Your wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. During Nina's holistic consultation, without having met you before, she 'gets' you, quickly and accurately distilling all your needs to provide uniquely customised solutions from scratch for you, your family or staff team.
For 20 years Nina has promoted [1] Healthier People (prevent sickness and depression): oxygenation, hydration, diet, sleep, posture, wellness [2] Healthier Buildings (prevent sick and toxic interiors): light, airflow, space, views, natural materials [3] Healthier Planet (care for Mother Nature)
Nina is committed to your wellness (see excerpt below on wellness), welfare and well-being. Of her wellness best-sellers, Personal Positivity will inspire, motivate and lead you to a happier, healthier life. She helps you with your nutrition, digestion, sleep, memory, motivation, positivity, mental clarity and decisiveness, detoxing, oxygenating and hydrating your body, and letting go of the past to focus on the future. With Healthier People & Buildings she includes authentic feng shui to identify and resolve taboos and harness positive energy so you can live a happier, healthier better quality, longer life. The effect is especially welcoming, instinctively natural, intuitively right, emotionally connective, energetically uplifting, sensually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. You learn about simple detoxes to cleanse your home and workspace, reducing stress and allergens in the indoor environment, hygiene routines to combat microbes, agents that won't harm your family or staff, reducing contaminants that off-gas or leach, and issues concerning viruses, dust and mould. She creates comfort and convenience and uses natural materials where possible.
'Nina's expertise in her field is outstanding - her ability to provide a vision of what could be and transform it into reality is amazing' No wait-times: immediate deliverables for a fair price including on-the-spot advice, concepts, solutions, sketches, plans, images, deals, information or contacts
Immediate deliverables ensure no wait-times and, because Nina is independent, you get trustworthy advice which is most unusual i.e. she recommends or procures the best value most suitable goods for your project, and you are not pressured to buy from nominated suppliers where design fees are disguised within the cost of the goods. She can negotiate on your behalf and, depending on project scope, pass you her discounts on big ticket items representing substantial savings for you. Depending on service and duration, deliverables include tips and advice, authentic feng shui, shopping lists, action plans, colour schemes, design sketches, furniture layouts, circulation and flow, suitability of materials, window dressings, flooring, lighting, garden layout, exterior improvements, clever storage, bespoke cabinetry, sanitaryware, tiling, architectural details, styling, curation, decluttering, reorganising, specs, briefs, snags, supervision, etc. Sessions are ½-day or you can commission her per-day for as many occasions as required, or per-project for as long as you need her. Her fees are simple, fair, clearly priced, transparent and inclusive with no hidden fees or extra charges (other than VAT, time overruns, extra work or long-distance travel), and she works evenings and weekends to suit your schedule.
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Ready for your positive transformation? Free yourself from procrastination or indecision. Call Nina 086 812 6730

Try one of Nina's bestsellers specially customised for you:
Personal Positivity Session (½ Day) - Unlock the power of your potential and create a whole new you
Feng Shui Consultation for Business (Flexi) - Benefit your staff, customers, brand and get an edge on your competitors
Designer Makeover & Repurposing Service (1 Day) - Total designer transformation in a day using mostly what you already have
Feng Shui Garden (1 Day) - Maximise the potential and purpose of your outdoor space and create an intriguing, restful and tranquil haven
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**Wellness in the Workplace initiatives are gaining attention and gathering momentum - impact on productivity and sick days mean employers have a serious stake in this; when the benefits are correlated, there is a stark and clear case for their buy-in because of the return on investment**
People are out sick for many reasons including burn-out, exhaustion and anxiety. A wellness initiative that can reduce sick days and increase turnover and productivity can translate into a very significant saving, and workers need to have access to such initiatives. External reputation can have a huge bearing on the recruitment and retention of talent, so it makes sense for employers to engage staff in meaningful initiatives and in improving employees’ health, and this long-term investment can yield dividends year-on-year. Improving internal morale achieves all these benefits and underscores all efforts. Lead by example and use resilience to work against inertia and push-back. (Source: ‘Affecting the Bottom Line: Does Wellness in the Workplace Offer a Return on Investment?’ by Susan Hayes, The Positive Economist, Hayes Culleton Group, April 2019
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Best in Service 2019 • 5 Stars Trusted People 2018 • Recognised Leader 2016 • Innovation 2015 • Excellence 2010 • Professionalism 2009