Nina Katis professional portfolio at
Nina Kati in IE on Houzz
Nina Katis professional portfolio at
Nina Kati in IE on Houzz
As Seen on RTE’s ‘Room to Improve’ & ‘Show House’
Uniquely Individualised Interiors • Happier Healthier Harmonised • Positively Transforming Spaces

NINA KATI is an award winning nationally recognised interior designer and Chinese master trained authentic feng shui consultant, and she is Ireland's leading authentic feng shui interior design specialist

With your happiness, health and well-being at the heart of her design ethos, the benefits are invaluable - Nina identifies areas of optimum improvement leading to powerful transformation for you, your family, your home and your life
There is a healthier flow throughout your home, a sensitive emotional and soulful connection with your place, your interiors are uniquely relaxing and refreshing, your energies positively align with your new spaces, and you get peace of mind knowing everything is just right - ensuring you and your family can live a better quality, stress-free, more positive and productive life.

Imagine your home positively transformed into a truly special designer one-off; beautiful, purposeful and functional - with wow factor because the space FEELS incredible too
Only Nina uniquely tailors her designs using birth dates and energy-matching. By understanding that emotional connection of ‘oneness’ with your home she can create personalised, energised, harmonised spaces. She removes the hassle of planning and decision-making, saves you time and money, and delivers simple solutions to create the perfect fit for your aesthetic, sensitivities, needs, lifestyle and work.

Nina's advice? Fix your home, fix your life
Nina is an independent, trustworthy and innovative interiors specialist who provides you with the best of advice, inspirational ideas, ingenious concepts, amazing schemes, and exceptional designs. Consult her from the outset for help choosing colours or shopping, undertaking a makeover or decluttering, advice on extending or renovating, planning a new build or reviewing plans, staging to sell or selecting a new home, planning your garden or an uplifting workplace. Procrastination is an emotional issue - don't wait any longer. Nina can give you the inspiration, confidence and motivation you need to do it all.

Don’t end up saying ‘Wish I had booked you from the start’ - check out Nina's testimonials; they are compelling proof that no one else can do the same for you as she can
Usually consulted pre-works or early stage for key input on projects, she can work with your architect or contractor, be hired on an as-and-when needed basis, or co-ordinate and manage your project from start to finish. She steers you towards the right style and furnishings, shares savvy tips and deals, suggests goods and suppliers, specifies materials and finishes, outlines briefs for trades people, produces detailed sketches, etc.

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Designer Makeover & Repurposing Service (1 Day) - Total designer transformation in a day using mostly what you have