As Seen on RTE’s ‘Room to Improve’ & ‘Show House’

NINA KATI is an award winning nationally recognised interior designer and Chinese master trained authentic feng shui consultant, and she is Ireland's leading consulting feng shui interior design specialist. Her reputation is built on trust and transformation and her clients cite tangible benefits to their lives in terms of health, relationships and wealth. Where to start? Fix your home, fix your life! Nina can help you deal with:

Health • Ill health, lack of vitality, poor sleep, stressed, feeling low?
Relationships • Marital woes, family arguments, short of friends, no support?
Finances Money worries, lack of opportunities, hardship, instability, constant pressure?
Personal & Career • Need inspiration, motivation, confidence, progression, positivity, fresh outlook?
Home & Family • Clutter, stale décor, outdated furnishings, lack of comfort, no space, bad design and layout?
Workplace & Staff • Work stresses, business setbacks, staff discord, poor morale, low productivity, reduced turnover?

Planning to build, extend, reconfigure or renovate? Life not turning out as you would like? Want to add that extra level of positive energy, healthy flow, good fortune and harmony? Imagine positively transforming your spaces into truly special designer one-offs; beautiful, purposeful, functional and with X factor because they look amazing, feel serene and are uniquely individualised to elevate your energies so you can live your best life.

'It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people's lives. Her expertise in her field is outstanding, and her ability to provide a vision of what could be and transform it into reality is amazing’

Nina uses a powerful combination of ingenious design ideas, and unique holistic solutions that outlast trends to perfectly meet your aspirations, suit your lifestyle, correct imbalances and match your energies to your spaces, so you can be happier, healthier and wealthier. You get peace of mind knowing everything in your world is just right - ensuring you can live a longer, better quality, more positive and productive life, and your career or business can thrive. Outcomes include:

•Balanced, energised, harmonised
•Positive energy, healthy flow
•Beds aligned for quality sleep
•Sensory and emotional connection
•Reflects personality and family story
•Your energies align with new spaces
•Uniquely relaxing and rejuvenating
•Happier, supportive relationships
•Assurance all is well for peace of mind
•Praise for how it looks and feels
•Energising colours, best layouts
•Positive, inspiring, motivating
•Desks aligned in power positions
•Natural elements where possible
•Conveys vision and brand story
•Less stress, sick leave, staff turnover
•More productivity, efficiency, revenue
•Talent recruitment and retention
•Harmonised teams, happier customers
•Praise for Wellness in the Workplace initiative

'Friends see the before and after and are astounded not only by the look of the space but the feel of it - it is so transformational it has to be felt to be believed!'

• Immediate on-the-spot advice, tips, concepts, sketches, examples and contacts
• Unique services with far-reaching outcomes and many times more comprehensive
• Testimonials and awards attest to service satisfaction and quality of deliverables
• Independent, ethical, trustworthy: only procures best value most suitable goods
• Fees are clear and upfront, not disguised within the price of goods
• Book per session or per day and as-and-when-needed
• Appointments to suit you including out of hours

Trusted People 5⭐ Influencer • Best in Service 2020 • Best in Service 2019 • Recognised Leader 2016 • Innovation 2015 • Excellence 2010 • Professionalism 2009